The Third and Final Siege of Newark (1645–1646) and the Impact of the Scottish Army upon Nottinghamshire and Adjacent Counties

Stuart B Jennings
  • Midland History, September 2012, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1179/0047729x12z.0000000009

An exploration of the impact of the Scottish Army upon local communities around Newark

What is it about?

The impact of the Scottish army became an important focus in the disagreements between Independents and Presbyterians in the House of Commons as the first civil war drew to a close. This paper explores the reality on the ground, compared to the rhetoric in the Commons, for the civilian population of the north midlands and south Yorkshire

Why is it important?

An assessment based upon regional surviving documents that provides a degree of quantifiable evidence for the impact of the army on the ground, rather than just that presented amid the rhetoric of parlimentary debate

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