Stroke Care in Sri Lanka: The Way We Were, the Way We Are, and the Way Forward

  • Udaya K. Ranawaka
  • Journal of Stroke Medicine, June 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/2516608518774167

Stroke care in Sri Lanka: the way we were, the way we are, and the way forward ….

What is it about?

Although Sri Lanka has achieved impressive health indicators due to an excellent primary health care structure, stroke care in Sri Lanka has developed at a slow pace. Lack of infrastructure and trained personnel has contributed to this. Previous studies have shown low quality of stroke care and significant gaps in stroke awareness. There is a clear need to improve manpower, infrastructure and training that will lead to improvements in the existing services in terms of acute care, rehabilitation and community support. Recent trends in development of stroke care are promising.

Why is it important?

This article is a review on stroke care in Sri Lanka. It describes the changes in stroke care over the last few decades, based mainly on published data. Data from studies on stroke prevalence, stroke awareness and stroke audits of care are outlined, along with data from a survey among neurologists in the country.


Prof Udaya K. Ranawaka
University of Kelaniya

I was happy to write this article, as this is the first literature-based review on stroke in Sri Lanka. I tried to incorporate all the data available on stroke care in the country. This brought into focus the many deficiencies in stroke research in Sri Lanka, and the need for more collaborative research.

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