Work-Based (Not Classroom) Learning as the Apt Preparation for the Practice of Management

Joseph A. Raelin
  • Management Teaching Review, March 2016, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/2379298115617736

What is it about?

This article makes the case that work-based learning is the most advantageous method to prepare people to assume mutual responsibility for leadership. The reason is because leadership in the current knowledge era is less frequently produced from a single individual; rather, the author claims that it now occurs more often as a dynamic practice that is distributed across a range of individuals. Compared to traditional classroom learning often delivered in off-site settings, work-based learning summons participants to live engagements during which they can reflect on their experience so as to expand and create knowledge while at the same time improve their practice. Accordingly, they develop particular habits and attitudes that give rise to an adoption and appreciation of leadership as a collective practice.

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