Preference for self-employment

Lars Kolvereid
  • The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, May 2016, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/1465750316648576

Self-employment preference

What is it about?

Most people who intend to and try to to start businesses are engaged in entrepreneurship as an attempt to become self-employed. The majority of them prefer self-employment over organizational employment, but some are reluctant entrepreneurs who plan to become self-employed even though they prefer to have a regular job.

Why is it important?

The preference for self-employment in a country is related to the level of entrepreneurship in the country. There should not be too many reluctant entrepreneurs, as congruence between aspiration and occupational status is likely to be associated with happiness.


Professor Lars Kolvereid
Nord University Business School

The population in Denmark is the happiest in the world. In Denmark, relatively few employees want to become self-employed, and very few self-employed want to become employees. People should be engaged in entrepreneurship only if they prefer to be self-employed.

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