Assessing Value From Business-to-Business Services Relationships: Temporality, Tangibility, Temperament, and Trade-Offs

Paul Lyons, Louis Brennan
  • Journal of Service Research, November 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/1094670518805569

How value is assessed within B2B relationships

What is it about?

This paper analyses the assessment of value resulting from a B2B service relationship as experienced by relevant constituencies in both the client and service provider organisations. Building on data derived from detailed interviews with 38 practitioners across three long-term service relationships, a framework is developed to describe the factors that contribute to value assessments. The relative importance of these for each constituency is also described in this framework.

Why is it important?

Most studies of value to date have focused on B2C contexts, and/or on goods-oriented exchanges. This study explores the under-researched area of B2B service relationships. Whereas most studies to date have focused on value creation and value appropriation, this study develops novel perspectives by analysing how value is assessed by parties involved in these relationships.


Dr Paul Martin Lyons
University of Dublin Trinity College

This research identifies three key constituencies that coalesce in the formation of firm-level value assessments. These are institutional-level assessments, assessments by informal collectives of like-minded professionals, and the perspective of the individual nominated as the relationship leader. These constituencies are found to consider issues of temporality, tangibility, temperament, and trade-offs to varying degrees. This is reflected in the framework that is developed in this paper.

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