Use of the Worklife and Levels of Burnout Surveys to Assess the School Nurse Work Environment

Beth E. Jameson, Felesia Bowen
  • The Journal of School Nursing, November 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/1059840518813697

Understanding Burnout and Work Environment Stressors in School Nursing

What is it about?

School nurses are an important link in the health care system. We have shown for the first time the levels of burnout and work-related challenges and stressors in the school nurse work environment. This paper examines the levels of burnout and worklife challenges, offers opportunities for change, and supports the need for attention to the "quadruple aim" in school work environments.

Why is it important?

Optimal health promotion and wellness in students are key drivers of health and educational outcomes - a social determinant of health that predicts an individual's future success and the health of the community they live in. Our finding that workload is significant in predicting school nurse burnout underscores the fact that a healthy work environment is of even greater significance when the health, safety, and learning outcomes of children in our schools are at risk.


Beth Jameson
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey

Our nation’s investment in prevention programs and public health promotion efforts is not commensurate with the enormity of the problem. School nurses are an important link in health promotion and wellness for students and the wider school community. School nursing must be more broadly recognized as a key partner in the health care system. We need attention to this "hidden" system of health care to continue to advocate and promote the health of all children in schools.

Dr. Felesia R. Bowen
Medical University of South Carolina

School nurses care for children with complex health conditions and because of this, children who were once unable to attend school and excel are now able to do so. For too long school health has been overlooked as an important area of nursing workforce. Addressing workload and preventing burnout among school nurses is key not only to their satisfaction, but to the health and wellbeing of the nation's children.

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