Mediterranean and north-African cultural adaptations to mid-Holocene environmental and climatic changes

Anna Maria Mercuri, Laura Sadori, Paloma Uzquiano Ollero
  • The Holocene, January 2011, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0959683610377532

What is it about?

In Mediterranean and north-African regions, cultural trajectories have shown trends sometimes coincident with climatic changes. The mid Holocene was a period of intense changes in climate, and in environmental and cultural systems. This paper reports pollen and charcoal studies from these areas aiming at presenting how impressive cultural changes frequently coincided with critical climate oscillations.

Why is it important?

Five examples from on-site case studies were reported covering the entire mediterranean basin. Humans enforced the aridity crisis and enhanced its signal in palaeoclimatic records. Sometimes, changing exploitation strategies and movements led to the onset of new cultures.


PhD Paloma Uzquiano Ollero
Universidad Nacional de EducaciĆ³n a Distancia

This synthesis represent an important reference to the subsequent research papers that so far have been written about this topic

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