Characteristics of Intimate Partner Violence Incidents and the Environments in Which They Occur: Victim Reports to Responding Law Enforcement Officers

  • Andrew M. Campbell, Ralph A. Hicks, Shannon L. Thompson, Sarah E. Wiehe
  • Journal of Interpersonal Violence, April 2017, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0886260517704230

What is it about?

Nearly 10,000 first responder reports are analyzed to provide a unique perspective of intimate partner violence incidents and the home environments in which they occur.

Why is it important?

Intimate partner violence most commonly occurs during summer months and on Sundays. Young women and African Americans were disproportionately represented as victims. Children were often present for the incident or members of the household. Strangulation and weapon-use were common. Suspects often flee the scene before law enforcement arrives making arrests difficult.


Andrew Campbell
Indiana University System

This study utilizes law enforcement officer data to provide new and unique information regarding intimate partner violence. A wide range of variables are quantified to help provide a clear and concerning picture of the range of violence often present in these homes and relationships. My hope is this work will contribute to further study into standardized domestic violence data collection and more effective data-driven intervention programs.

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