Private sector participation in domestic waste management in informal settlements in Lagos, Nigeria

  • Akunnaya P Opoko, Adedapo A Oluwatayo
  • Waste Management & Research The Journal for a Sustainable Circular Economy, September 2016, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0734242x16666943

PSP and waste management

What is it about?

The study investigated the involvement of the private sector in the management of domestic waste from an informal settlement.

Why is it important?

Informal settlements do not often benefit from the municipal waste management systems as they often develop outside government regulation. Considering the environmental hazards that domestic wastes result in, it becomes important to examine the role of the private sector in managing these wastes, thus preventing the hazards.


Dr Adedapo Adewunmi Oluwatayo
Covenant University

One often wonders how residents of informal settlements manage their refuse. This study provides and insight into the role of the private sector in achieving a clean environment

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