Reviews: Constructing Inequality: Richard Shweder, Martha Minow and Hazel Rose Markus, eds, Engaging Cultural Differences: The Multicultural Challenge in Liberal Democracies. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2002, 485 pp., ISBN 9780871547958, US$22.95

Kasi Eswarappa
  • International Sociology, March 2010, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0268580909358157

Book Review on Engaging Cultural Differences

What is it about?

It is an attempt to describe cultural differences prevailing in contemporary globalized societies besides examining the challenges of multiculturalism in contemporary liberal democracies.

Why is it important?

Important because of its cultural differences and its definitely a provocative exploration of the limits of tolerance in democracies


Indira Gandhi National Tribal University

Political AND Cultural Sociology

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