Taking the fear out of apocalyptic preaching

Jennifer Garcia Bashaw
  • Review & Expositor, February 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0034637318754382

The problem with apocalyptic preaching in America and some solutions for change

What is it about?

In the last century of the American Church, fear has characterized much of apocalyptic preaching. Fear of apocalyptic texts has inhibited the preaching of them in some pulpits; fear of the future and fear of others has dominated the apocalyptic message in others. This article answers the question, “How did apocalyptic preaching get so out of hand and what can we do to fix it?” by providing a brief overview of apocalyptic preaching in America and by offering interpretive strategies and suggestions for preaching apocalyptic texts responsibly and without fear.

Why is it important?

The church must focus its apocalyptic preaching on the original intent of apocalyptic literature--hope--instead of allowing fear to silence or distort the message of Scripture.

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