Developmental Benefits of Extracurricular Sports Participation Among Brazilian Youth

  • Riller S. Reverdito, Larissa R. Galatti, Humberto M. Carvalho, Alcides J. Scaglia, Jean Côté, Carlos E. Gonçalves, Roberto R. Paes
  • Perceptual and Motor Skills, August 2017, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0031512517724657

Sports Participation Among Brazilian Youth

What is it about?

Positive effects of participation in sports on the developmental assets, targeted at socially disadvantaged youths of Brazil.

Why is it important?

Showed that the quality of the young people’s support network and duration of program participation positively influenced sport participation. We offer new evidence of a relationship between positive development and environmental factors in which individual and contextual forces can be aligned, and we provide new reference data for developing countries.


Dr Riller Silva Reverdito
State University of Mato Grosso

Future studies might best evaluate the benefit of extended sport participation on PYD by studying the strength of developmental assets in relation to duration of program participation in a longitudinal study and by studying both the reasons for disproportionate sex participation in sport and the perception of internal development assets in young females. It will also be important to study subjects who drop out of sport participation to better understand how to best align individual and contextual forces.

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