Mechanical characterization of hexagonal boron nitride nanocomposites: A multiscale finite element prediction

Konstantinos N Spanos, Nick K Anifantis
  • Journal of Composite Materials, November 2017, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0021998317740942

Elastic mechanical properties of BNNS reinforced composite materials. A finite elements approach.

What is it about?

The exceptional properties of monolayer BN nanosheet (BNNS) classify it as an ideal reinforcing material in composites. We use a multiscale modeling technique in order to evaluate the elastic mechanical behavior of the initial material filled with BNNS. The proper interface conditions between the reinforcement and the matrix material is a matter of great importance in order to ensure the optimum mechanical properties.

Why is it important?

We avoided the detailed representation of the molecular nanostructure making the proposed formulation attractive and, simultaneously, we achieved significant reduction in computational cost and complexity. It is the first time that this modeling technique was implemented in the study of the mechanical properties of BN nanocomposites.


Professor Nick K. Anifantis
University of Patras

This study indicated the importance and usefulness of BN nanosheets as reinforcement in composite materials. It has demonstrated the need for appropriate interface conditions and has highlighted the need for a further study of the stress transfer conditions between the constituents

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