Colonialism, missionaries, and Dalits in Kalyan Rao’s Untouchable Spring

K. W. Christopher
  • The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, June 2017, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0021989417708828

Dalit Christian history in G Kalyana Rao's Antaranivasantham(Untouchable Spring)

What is it about?

The article traces the problematic of Dalit Conversion to Christianity using the optics of church history ,Dalit Theology and colonial history.

Why is it important?

Most postcolonial studies view colonialism through the lens of "uppercastes" .It is important to ask questions about colonialism's relation to Dalit lives.How did/do the victims of caste oppression view colonilaism and missionary interventions


Christopher KW
Osmania University

This is an attempt to interrupt brahmanical hegemony over postcolonial studies/theoryand colonial history

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