Can Teaching Ultrasound Ergonomics to Ultrasound Practitioners Reduce White Knuckles and Transducer Grip Force?

Gill Harrison, Allison Harris, David Flinton
  • Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, February 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/8756479318758324

Can teaching ergonomics reduced grip force on an ultrasound transducer

What is it about?

Work related upper limb disorders are common amongst ultrasound practitioners. This study looked at teaching good ergonomic practice with an ergometer, which emits a sound when muscles are stimulated, to ultrasound practitioners. The results demonstrated a reduced transducer grip force following training.

Why is it important?

Muscle tension, poor posture/ergonomics and high grip force have been associated with the increased risk of work related upper limb disorders in sonographers. Our finds suggest that a short ergonomics training session, with the use of an ergometer to give audible signals of muscle strain, could reduce the grip force applied to a transducer.


Gill Harrison (Author)
City University

I hope that by reading this sonographers' can think about their own practice and consider ways to reduce their grip and pressure on the transducer. It's so important not to push! Hopefully it will help reduce injuries.

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