Lessons of German Unification for Korea

  • Chang-Seok Yang
  • International Bulletin of Mission Research, January 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/2396939318757166

What can we learn from German unification to achieve unification in Korea?

What is it about?

I tell about what German unification is. What are lessons from German unification? They are 1) bipartisan engagement policy, 2) strong alliance with the United States, 3) exchanges and cooperation between East and West Germany, 4) East German's self-determination, and 5) West German church's role.

Why is it important?

Two Koreas should engage with each other. Particularly they should continue to talk to each other. South Koreans should try to improve its relations with North Koreans. Huminatarian works are useful tool for this purpose


Chang-Seok Yang
Ajou University

Continued dialogue and humanitarian works will improve relations between two Koreas, narrowing differences and promoting peace.

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