The Holy Spirit in Pentecostal Mission: The Shaping of Mission Awareness and Practice

  • Wonsuk Ma
  • International Bulletin of Mission Research, April 2017, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/2396939317704757

What is it about?

This reflection takes to the inner-working of a Pentecostal to probe how and what kind of mission orientation takes place through one's spiritual life. I identify three particular areas of formation. Then I move to a mission setting to explore how this spiritual and mission formation manifests itself in mission practices. My own journey serves as an example.

Why is it important?

This study tries to answer why a typical Pentecostal missionary operates differently from other missionaries, with a different set of outcomes. To investigate this, I am looking at the inner-shaping of his or her spiritual life. Why it's important? It is taking to the roots of Pentecostal mission formation.


Wonsuk Ma
Oral Roberts University

I, with Julie, served as a Korean Pentecostal missionary in the Philippines (1979-2006) both in front-line (evangelism, church planting and training) and theological education. Then I served as Executive Director of Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, which operates a mission PhD program with 120 students. Both works, coupled with variety of academic and ecumenical engagements, helped me to discover my own personal mission formation.

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