Survival of OPEC and Saudi–Iran Relations—A Historical Overview

  • Hamid Elyassi
  • Contemporary Review of the Middle East, April 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/2347798918762199

OPEC has lived through deep internal conflicts thanks to a sound foundation and constructive ethos

What is it about?

OPEC has survived while many international associations have failed or are failing. The secret of its endurance can be traced back to a healthy foundation, and efficient organizational set up and unique internal processes which have made this organization of developing, and often conflicting states a survivor for nearly six decades.

Why is it important?

As an example of a successful multi-national grouping, this article on OPEC can offer lessons in how to organize or re-organize such groupings to ensure their survival in face of political and ideological differences among the member states. It is also of interest to those following developments in the energy sector as the role and fate of OPEC is crucial in the way the sector evolves in the future.


hamid elyassi

In a world beset by forces pulling nations apart, an organization which has brought together a number of states with differing, and at times conflicting and hostile interests and relations, has valuable lessons for those aiming to foster and preserve inter-nation cooperation regardless of the nature of inter-government relations .

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