English language: A ‘tool’ for social connectedness: A study of native teens in Botswana

  • Catherine Mibenge
  • Power and Education, June 2016, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/1757743816651897

What is it about?

The think-piece is my reflections based on a study I conducted in 2014/15 regarding an emerging language phenomenon in Botswana i.e. young Batswana natives who cannot speak Setswana (the national language of Botswana) or any other local languages at that, and instead only speak English.

Why is it important?

What concerned me and should concern the nation and especially policy-makers is how this phenomenon may affect the language speakers in the long term, in terms of their language identity and country in terms of cultural capital. i feel it has dire repercussions for all concerned, even as the study revealed that the young persons did not have any current bad experiences, save for communication with family and friends who could not speak English.

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