Realistic modelling of flexibility and dependence in production systems in Industry 4.0 for analysing their productivity and availability

Fei Long, Peter Zeiler, Bernd Bertsche
  • Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part O Journal of Risk and Reliability, March 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/1748006x17731938

impact of flexibility and dependence on production systems in Industry 4.0

What is it about?

Flexibility has a far-reaching impact on the design of production systems in industry 4.0 and is still a challenge in the modelling yet. In order to achieve realistic results, dependence must also be taken into account. A concept of flexible production system in industry 4.0 is presented and modelled with extended coloured stochastic Petri nets to investigate the features of flexibility and dependence in production systems in industry 4.0.

Why is it important?

Through modelling the production systems in industry 4.0, potential delays, interrupts and defaults could be prognosticated and treated on time. Consequently, the productivity and efficiency of production systems can be enhanced.


Fei Long (Author)
Institute of Machine Components, University of Stuttgart

In order to model other more advanced features, such as adaptability and learning ability, future research will explore other approaches such as neural networks or Agent-based modelling.

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