The global social work definition: Ontology, implications and challenges

Abigail Ornellas, Gary Spolander, Lambert K Engelbrecht
  • Journal of Social Work, June 2016, SAGE Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1177/1468017316654606

the global social work definition

What is it about?

The implications of the revised 2014 global definition of social work for practice and academia

Why is it important?

The revised definition demonstrates changes and new developments from the former and thus holds considerations and possible implications for the international social work profession


Miss Abigail Ornellas (Author)
Stellenbosch University

Social work in today's global world with it's global challenges needs to become more macro in it's focus and practice, combining academia and scientific theory with practice, challenging political, as well as socioeconomic structures and processes that hinder social justice and cohesion. Micro and meso social work, while still vital, can no longer be implemented in isolation and increased attention needs to be given to macro aspects of social development. This may mean a more radical social work perspective is needed in today's present world.

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