Establishing a retro-marketing rental company

Justin O’Brien
  • The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, March 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/1465750318761647

Establishing a retro-marketing rental company

What is it about?

Using nostalgia theory this practical case study explores the iconic VW camper van's allure. It considers the challenges that a female entrepreneur might face establishing an automotive rental company. It presents an evocative summary of the type 2 microbus' history and invites students to undertake real world business evaluation of a number of investment decisions.

Why is it important?

Real world based case studies in entrepreneurship with number evaluations are quite rare. It is important that students learn how to pull together financial data to make informed decisions, using a blend of both facts and their own inferred assumptions.


Justin O'Brien
Royal Holloway University of London

This was a personal passion project of mine, I grew up being taxied around in my dads golden Beetle and have driven moderne Beetles all my adult life. When my family rented a VW camper van for a weekend fossil hunting in Dorset I thought the rental business would make for an interesting case study. Five years on, and countless iterations of reviews, we are finally at publication ! I would like to thank Gerrad and Rob, the journal editors, for their patience and positivity. I must recognise former colleague Dr Rachel Doern for inspiring me to publish this case I knocked up one day for teaching. Sally Carter, the anonymised name of my protagonist, was my first serious girlfriend, in case you wondered !

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