Diminished Trust of Healthcare Providers, Risky Lifestyle Behaviors, and Low Use of Health Services: A Descriptive Study of Rural Adolescents

  • Heather K. Hardin, Valerie Lander McCarthy, Barbara J. Speck, Timothy N. Crawford
  • The Journal of School Nursing, August 2017, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/1059840517725787

Risky behaviors, trust of doctors, and number of doctors visits among teens living in rural areas

What is it about?

Teens living a rural area report riskier behaviors than suburban dwelling teens. They also report lower trust of doctors and nurses than adults in general report and fewer doctors office visits than teens in general.

Why is it important?

Trust is an important part of social relationships that promotes healthier lifestyles. Diminished trust of doctors and nurses suggests less social support for a healthy lifestyle. Riskier behaviors among rural dwelling teens suggest the need for more doctors visits, rather than fewer visits. Rural teens are a vulnerable population that deserve more attention from researchers and policy makers.

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