What’s to be done when ‘foul whisp rings are abroad’? Gossip and rumour in health organisations

  • Nick O’Connor, Beth Kotze, Victor Storm
  • Australasian Psychiatry, July 2017, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/1039856217716292

Gossip and Rumour in Health Organisations

What is it about?

The article provides an overview of the functions and importance of gossip and rumour to society, organisaitons and group liviing. The sentinel function of gossip and rumour is proposed. Some tips for managing gossip and rumour are provided.

Why is it important?

Gossip and rumour are ubiquitous. Understanding how and why gossip and rumour work provides the psychiatrist with important perspectives on our social self and social connectedness. For leaders and managers gossip and rumour are relevant to culture, change management and early intervention in serious risks to teh organisation.

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