Assessing ice margin fluctuations on differing timescales: Chronological constraints from Sermeq Kujatdleq and Nordenskiöld Gletscher, central West Greenland

Samuel E Kelley, Jason P Briner, Sandy L O’Hara
  • The Holocene, March 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0959683618761541

Variability in glacier systems reaction to climate change in Greenland during the last 8,000 years

What is it about?

Understanding the contrasting behavior of outlet glaciers systems in reaction to past changes in climate is important for placing ongoing (and future) changes in ice sheets into context. This paper examines two glacier systems in West Greenland, one marine terminating and one land terminating, over the course of the Holocene to contrast their reaction to changes in climate. Special focus is paid to changes during the last 1,000 years, where the glacial geologic record documents lags in response to Little Ice Age cooling, which may be tied to outlet glacier velocity.

Why is it important?

This work provides a geologic record of ice margin change from a dynamic region in West Greenland, and connects the remote sensing record of ice margin change to longer records that exist in geologic archives.

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