Physical preparation of alginate/chitosan polyelectrolyte complexes for biomedical applications

Amir M Alsharabasy, Saad A Moghannem, Waleed N El-Mazny
  • Journal of Biomaterials Applications, October 2015, SAGE Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1177/0885328215613886

What is it about?

A hydrogel matrix of Alg/Ch in the form of PEC was prepared with controlling the mixing speeds between the two polymers solutions and their pH values. The resulting membrane is supposed to have new unique composite properties over the properties of each used one alone but with retaining some of their properties that are suitable for various biomedical and pharmaceutical interests such as enhancing the regeneration of new tissue with wound healing.

Why is it important?

The aim of the current study was to use the least number of chemicals, which may cause skin irritation, inflammation, or ulceration on application of the prepared hydrogel film to the wound with a main dependence on the physical activity for mixing the two polymers to produce a high quality of PECs through the coacervation process. Thus, controlling the reactions speed through controlling the rate of mixing of chitosan and alginate solutions together along with certain solutions pH values is undoubtedly the pivotal point for success.

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