Knowledge of Constituent Ingredients in Enteral Nutrition Formulas Can Make a Difference in Patient Response to Enteral Feeding

  • Patricia Savino
  • Nutrition in Clinical Practice, August 2017, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1177/0884533617724759

Knowledge of Constituent Ingredients in Enteral Nutrition

What is it about?

Enteral feeding is considered the preferred method for providing a complete or supplemetal sopurce of nutrition to patients. It is necessary to review the quality and composition of any enteral formula, since the basic components are responsible for tolerance and nutrition efficacy.

Why is it important?

Intolerance to enteral formula is commonly attributed to individual patient response to the means of administration, but composition and cheaper ingredients could be responsible for this intolerance in some cases.


Patricia Savino
Academia Nacional de Medicina

The objective is to highlight the importance of appraising enteral formulas with regard to composition and effect of the gastrointestinal tract. Better ingredients in enteral formulas may improve tolerance and nutritional status in patients, reducing complications and hospital length of stay.

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