Manager effectiveness, employee engagement, and client-based organizational outcomes in a mental health setting

Pamela N. Prince, Dwight W. Mihalicz
  • Healthcare Management Forum, January 2019, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0840470418814854

Manager effectiveness drives organization performance

What is it about?

The Royal Hospital in Ottawa, Canada invested heavily in improving its manager effectiveness in a variety of ways. This article describes these initiatives, and their impact over time on employee engagement, client (patient) impact, and organizational outcomes. All dimensions increased.

Why is it important?

This provides a longitudinal study of results. It asserts that in order to improve organization performance, it is important that managers do their managerial leadership work. It lays a basis for the case that managerial leadership is a key factor in organizational success, and that CEOs and executives need to pay attention to ensuring that the right people are in managerial roles, and that they are focused on the right work.


Dwight Mihalicz

Most organizations tend to focus on improving employee engagement when trying to improve performance. While this may have some long term impact, it is like giving an aspirin to treat a fever. The underlying cause is not improved. Organizations are simply not using their managerial workforce properly. Certainly, engagement needs to be better, but this will be accomplished only by ensuring that all managers, starting with the CEO, are doing their managerial leadership work.

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