Lead inhalation and hepatic damage: Morphological and functional evaluation in mice

Elena S González Rendón, Gumaro Gutierrez Cano, M Alcaraz-Zubeldia, Tania Garibay-Huarte, Teresa I Fortoul
  • Toxicology and Industrial Health, February 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0748233717750981

Inhalation of lead and hepatic damage

What is it about?

Usually the exposure to lead (Pb) is by oral route, but it is also inhaled when it is adhered to particulate mater which is produced by different sources, such as occupational or environmental. Pb affects the nervous system, the lungs, the bone marrow , and the kidneys. However the liver is not usually reported as a target organ. In our study we found that the exposure by inhalation increases the Pb-blood and liver concentrations. Also we found that the damage is reversed after the exposure is discontinued.

Why is it important?

Our results indicate that when the exposure is discontinued, the Pb-blood and liver concentrations decrease, as well as the liver damage. The study support the benefit of regulations for Pb and other metals, and that the control of the exposure sources will have a health benefit.


Teresa Fortoul (Author)
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

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