Biomechanical Evaluation of a Transtibial Pull-out Meniscal Root Repair

  • Challenging the Bungee Effect
  • Anthony J. Cerminara, Christopher M. LaPrade, Sean D. Smith, Michael B. Ellman, Coen A. Wijdicks, Robert F. LaPrade
  • The American Journal of Sports Medicine, September 2014, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0363546514549447

Evaluation of Suture Techniques for Medial Meniscus Root Repairs.

What is it about?

This article looked at different methods of placing sutures in a posterior medial meniscus root repair to assess the overall strain and stability.

Why is it important?

This study is important because it found that 2 simple sutures have the least displacement with cyclic loading for a medial meniscus root repair. Other complex suture patterns in the meniscus, while stronger, resulted in more displacement over time. Thus, it would indicate that 2 simple sutures is a very effective manner to repair the meniscus root tear.


Dr Robert F LaPrade
Steadman Philippon Research Institute

This study shows that a simple suture technique for repairing a meniscus root tear works as effectively as more complex suture patterns. Thus, the 2 simple suture techniques for transtibial root repair is recommended.

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