Book review: John M Hagedorn (ed.), Gangs in the Global City: Alternatives to Traditional CriminologyHagedornJohn M (ed.), Gangs in the Global City: Alternatives to Traditional Criminology, University of Illinois Press: Urbana, 2007; 320 pp.: ISBN 9780...

Andrzej Klimczuk
  • International Sociology, March 2014, SAGE Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1177/0268580914524336

What is it about?

This volume focuses on reframing gangs beyond the criminology literature. John M Hagedorn assumes that the key to understanding their activities at the beginning of 21st century is an interdisciplinary approach. This means expanding the analysis of gangs in relation to selected aspects of globalization such as the redivision of space, strengthening of traditional identities, ghettoization, social exclusion, socialization to crime, youth violence, and the underground economy. This approach is intended to move away from the theoretical trap of old paradigms that are useful for law enforcement, but are not useful for understanding the complexity of gangs in accordance with concepts of late modernity. The book includes chapters by scholars whose research is not focused only on gangs – professors of sociology, psychology, and anthropology from the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, and Germany

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