Using Configural Frequency Analysis as a Person-centered Analytic Approach with Categorical Data

  • Mark Stemmler, Jörg-Henrik Heine
  • International Journal of Behavioral Development, July 2016, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0165025416647524

Statitcal methos for the analysis of multi-way contigency tables

What is it about?

This paper explains how to analyze multi-way contingency tables using the R-package confreq (Heine, 2015). With confreq one may run log-linear models and also configural frequency analyses (CFA; von Eye, 2002) . Both statistical methods are very useful for analyzing categorical data; the may be applied even for small samples. The paper explains hwo to use the R package, by leading the reader through the R-syntax. Several methods of configural frequency analysis are presented. Advantages as well as limitations of CFA are explained.

Why is it important?

So far the analyses of configural frequency analysis (CFA) was restricted to shareware provided by Alexander von Eye. Now, are very useful R-package (R Development Core Team, 2015) called 'confreq' can be used. It is even possible to change and adapt the desgin matrix depending on what effects should be tested.

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