The Information Superhighway as a Missiological Tool of the Trade

John Roxborogh
  • Missiology An International Review, January 1999, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/009182969902700121

The Worldwide Web and the study of Christian Mission

What is it about?

How use of the worldwideweb was changing practice and study of Christian mission as the internet moved from bulletin board discussion groups in the early 1990s and email communications to wider access to resources on the web from the mid 1990s.

Why is it important?

A snapshot of a period when technology opened up exciting possibilities, when it kept changing under our feet, it did not always work, and the promise of what it might do was a frustratingly expanding horizon.


Dr John Roxborogh (Author)
University of Otago

Although many of the links to sites referenced in the article no longer function, I think the article has value as a snap shot of the state of things in a rapidly changing situation. A fresh telling of the story, say from 1990 through to 2010 is needed as a case study of technology and Christian mission as part of the other shifts in world christianity then and since.

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