Quality of life and mission

Mark R. Teasdale
  • Missiology An International Review, April 2016, SAGE Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1177/0091829616645135

Quality of Life and Mission

What is it about?

How does the church's missions work relate to improving people's quality of life? This article traces how the church has negotiated this relationship throughout history.

Why is it important?

There is growing interest in holistic ministry that involves sharing the gospel, acts of mercy, and social justice. This article offers insight into how the church can balance these goals in its missions.


Mark R Teasdale (Author)
Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

I have found this work important because of the growing desire for denominations and local congregations to demonstrate that they are making the world a better place through tangible interventions. I knew the church had always engaged in this sort of tangible improvement for people, and this article helped me see the ways that this inclination changed in the church's ministry strategy over the years.

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