Book Review: The Emergence of the Church: Context, Growth, Leadership, and WorshipThe Emergence of the Church: Context, Growth, Leadership, and Worship By PatziaArthur G.Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press2001, 272 pp., paper, $19.99

John Roxborogh
  • Missiology An International Review, January 2004, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/009182960403200122

Review of Arthur Patzia's "Emergence of the Church"

What is it about?

What was the process of doctrinal and social development of the early church

Why is it important?

This is significant as an evangelical publication which rejects the historical model of Christian faith and belief as a ready-made given and replaces it by a process of continual reflection of the significance of Jesus in the light of earlier engagement with the story of Jesus's teaching and his significance in the purposes of God. This is an important shift in historiography and self-understanding, and it is done without drawing attention to just how significant this shift is.


Dr John Roxborogh (Author)
University of Otago

This was a milestone publication whose message still needs to be heard - and Christians still need to wrestle with what this means.

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