Balint 2.0: A virtual Balint group for doctors around the world

  • Donald E Nease Jr, Albert Lichtenstein, Luis Pinho-Costa, Kyle Hoedebecke
  • The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, April 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0091217418765036

Testing the Balint group process in an online format.

What is it about?

Balint groups, pioneered by Michael and Enid Balint in the UK in the 1950's and 60's, are a powerful way to address clinician - patient communication and relationship issues, and have been shown to prevent burnout. Traditionally these groups are held in-person. We tested the ability of these groups to function in an online format using videoconference technology.

Why is it important?

Our success indicates that Balint groups may be successfully provided to clinicians in locations where in-person groups either do not exist or are not feasible. This has the potential to dramatically expand the availability of the Balint group process.


Donald Nease
University of Colorado

As the current President of the International Balint Federation, I am extremely enthusiastic about this development and opportunity. The partnership with the WONCA Young Doctors Movement is another very exciting aspect of this work.

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