Keeping an eye on the neighbours: Police, citizens, and communication within mobile neighbourhood crime prevention groups

  • Jason Pridmore, Anouk Mols, Yijing Wang, Frank Holleman
  • The Police Journal Theory Practice and Principles, April 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0032258x18768397

Using social media to monitor neighborhoods including interactions with police

What is it about?

This study looks at how crime prevention is increasingly augmented by social media. It specifically looks at the use of WhatsApp neighborhood crime prevention (WNCP) groups in the Netherlands as a form of participatory policing. These developments mean that community police officers and citizens have had to adapt to changed interactions and trust relations in the neighborhood, creating a mix of form and informal ‘policing’.

Why is it important?

This changes the way policing at a local level is done and the interactions of neighbors on a regular basis. This both amplifies and intensifies experiences in the neighborhood, both positive in terms of connections to others, and negatives in terms of increasingly perceiving criminal activity to occur.


Jason Pridmore

We think this paper adds to the ongoing discussion of how are people using social media to monitor everyday aspects of their own lives and the lives of their neighbors. These connection also make interactions with the police increasingly complex.

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