L’uso della propaganda nell’insegnamento dell’italiano: Il Giornalino diretto da Giuseppe Prezzolini a New York, 1934–1943

Roberto Dolci
  • Forum Italicum A Journal of Italian Studies, March 2018, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0014585817753366

Use of propaganda in Italian language teaching

What is it about?

Cultural diplomacy considers the promotion of language and culture as a tool for exercising soft power. However, it can also become a means of propaganda, as happened during the fascist period. This article analyzes the case of the Giornalino. A magazine, for Italian teachers and students directed by Giuseppe Prezzolini during his years at the Casa Italiana of Columbia University, never analyzed before. Through the examination of the published materials we will try demostrate that also the Giornalino has played a significant role in delineating a positive image of fascism in the US in a audience formed essentially by students of Italian origin and their families, to whom the regime gave particular importance

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