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"Los fundamentos de de la técnica psicoanalítica" offers a panorama of the current issues and problems of psychoanalytic technique and reviews, from a historical perspective, the development of the different theoretical lines which inform those issues and problems. Etchegoyen sees theory and technique being indisolubly articulated: psychoanalytic technique determines our observational method and, therefore, the data which we gather, and vice versa, psychoanalytic praxis, are always grounded in theory.

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Etchegoyen´s stated aim for this work is ambitious: to offer a complete panorama of the current issues and problems of psychoanalytic technique. Etchegoyen's book is structured into six, well articulated, broad sections covering the main issues of the theory of technique.


The author.'s theoretical viewpoint is Kleinian, and he is faithful to it. But he is free from "the zeal to catechize," and sincerely willing to consider the most diverse theoretical and technical approaches in their own context, without imposing his own frame of reference. He warns against the need to deny the inevitable limits and faults of our theories for political, party-line reasons: it may dispel the pain of incertitude and provide a sense of infallibility, but the price psychoanalysis pays for it is scientific stagnation

Dr Jaime P Nos
International Psychoanalytical Association

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This page is a summary of: Book Reviews: Los Fundamentos de la Tecnica Psicoanautica., Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, June 1990, SAGE Publications, DOI: 10.1177/000306519003800115.
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