Neurobiology of the Premonitory Urge in Tourette’s Syndrome: Pathophysiology and Treatment Implications

Andrea E. Cavanna, Kevin J. Black, Mark Hallett, Valerie Voon
  • Journal of Neuropsychiatry, April 2017, American Psychiatric Association
  • DOI: 10.1176/appi.neuropsych.16070141

What creates the urge to tic in Tourette syndrome?

What is it about?

Most people with tics experience an urge to perform the tic that is briefly relieved by the tic. This article reviews the literature on neurobiological correlates of this urge to tic in Tourette syndrome.


Dr Kevin J. Black
Washington University in St. Louis

I was very pleased when Andrea invited me to contribute to this article. He, Mark and Valerie are wonderful clinicians and scientists who have contributed substantially to our knowledge about tic disorders.

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