The Human Spirit and Its Appropriation

Patrick Giddy
  • Religion and Theology, January 2018, Brill
  • DOI: 10.1163/15743012-02501009

Spirituality and psychic transformation in an evolutionary framework

What is it about?

With the help of Rahner I outline a non-reductionist evolutionary ethics and spirituality. In this way Christian faith can be understood as a journey of transformation, as Lonergan does in his dialectic of positions and counter-positions, and, importantly, can be extended to the realm of the psyche, as Doran does, highlighting the priority of symbols over doctrines.

Why is it important?

It is important, in adopting an evolutionary framework for understanding human persons, to find a way through reductionist accounts - as Rahner does. Human transcendence can no longer convincingly be asserted as a dogma but has to be unpacked in terms of a dialectic of transformation, a personal journey, as Lonergan does. And Robert Doran extends this account to embrace psychic transformation, highlighting the central role, not sufficiently appreciated, of symbols in Christian, and other, faith.


Patrick Giddy (Author)

This paper was an opportunity for me to draw together the different elements of a truly existential account of any religious faith, but in particular Christian, in a way that suits a secular culture and is open to other faiths and to its own internal and creative development.

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