Reports On Post Conference Project Meetings

Justin Ukpong, Christoffer Grundmann, Martin Conway, Edith Bernard, Andrew Kirk, John Roxborogh, Kwame Bediako, Stan Nussbaum
  • Mission Studies, January 1993, Brill
  • DOI: 10.1163/157338393x00341

Documentation Archives and Bibliography report from the 1992 IAMS Conference

What is it about?

In Hawaii DAB passed its electronic bibliography project to another organisation and reaffirmed its commitment to networking, encouragement and support for the urgent tasks of documenting the story of Christianity around the world and helping the creation of finding aids to make that story know.

Why is it important?

If we lose our way to the archives we lose our way to the future


Dr John Roxborogh (Author)
University of Otago

Looking back (I write in 2018), the 1992 meeting was important in the realisation that the technology and expertise needed for bibliography development and distribution was better left in the hands of libraries and documentation centres with access to professional resources and the capacity to assess and invest in rapidly changing technologies. Our role was to be a voice for the importance of the task, to facilitate access, and to help ensure that the most basic tasks of archival and document collection and preservation were given publicity and tools to do the job. Some of this bore fruit 10 years later in the production of an Archives Manual in Rome in 2002.

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