Kirsteen Kim
  • Mission Studies, May 2018, Brill
  • DOI: 10.1163/15733831-12341564

Journal of the International Association for Mission Studies.

What is it about?

A forum for the scholarly study of Christian witness and its impact in the world, and the related field of intercultural theology, from international, inter-confessional and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Why is it important?

Christian mission movements, linked to both colonization and migration, are significant agents of globalization. They are a pointer to Christianity's future as well as a reflection of its past. At the same time, churches are both agents of change as well as guardians of tradition in many local situations. The interdisciplinary approach - including cultural, social, historical, theological and religious studies - of this journal reveals the diversity of motives and methods of Christian witness, and its reception and effects in different contexts. As an academic journal Mission Studies is exceptionally global in its contributors and it reflects the interconnectedness of world Christianity as well as the variety of Christianity confessions.


Kirsteen Kim (Author)
Fuller Theological Seminary

Christian missionary activity is not only of historical significance for global development, Christian witness, service, and expansion is ongoing and diversifying as Christianity has shifted southwards. In particular, new movements from Korea, Brazil, Nigeria, China, and other Christian centers are spreading the faith in new ways. The resulting churches and emerging theologies challenge Western definitions and call for renewed understanding of every aspect of Christianity and reviewed assessment of its impact and future. Mission Studies represents the leading international network for the subject and covers the full sweep of missiology as a discipline.

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