A Note on Meccan Women in the Fifteenth Century

  • Hawwa, December 2016, Brill
  • DOI: 10.1163/15692086-12341314

Women of Mecca/Makkah, 15th century from biography books.

What is it about?

The article is about women in their ordinary and non-ordinary roles. Women scholars in the Mamlukid period of 15th century Makkah/Mecca, the cradle of Islam, modern Saudi Arabia. Using biography books as a first hand source.

Why is it important?

This article is giving the voice to women who were considered for so long, silent and absent. Women were in fact part of the scientific and intellectual scene not only in Makkah, the heart of Islamic world, but elsewhere as well.


Dr Hatoon A. AL FASSI
Qatar University

I am a scholar specialist in women's history from Makkah itself and belong to the family of one of the main biographers of that period, Taqy addin al Fassi as well. Associate professor at International Affairs dept, Qatar University (formerly at History department of King Saud University in Riyadh). I have publications about women in Arabia in pre-Islamic times, in Islam and in modern times Saudi Arabia. I am also a columnist at al Riyadh newspaper, the Saudi main newspaper.

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