Poem without Language: When a Writing Becomes Traceless

  • I-Lien Ho
  • Leonardo, February 2018, The MIT Press
  • DOI: 10.1162/leon_a_01551

the concept of Kongwu(空無, emptiness, nothingness) from Daoism and Buddhism into performance

What is it about?

the concept of Kongwu (空無, emptiness, nothingness), the video artist Nam June Paik's approach to media, I-Lien Ho's response performance Poem without Language

Why is it important?

how performance could elucidate the philosophical concept of Kongwu, and in turn, how Kongwu may shape the principles underlying performance making?


National Sun Yat-sen University

i hope this article makes people to think about the relationship between performance and Eastern philosophy, and the encounters of scientific theories, technology and art.

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