Integrabilidade quântica do modelo de Alday-Arutyunov-Frolov

Eliane Pereira
  • Universidade de Sao Paulo Sistema Integrado de Bibliotecas - SIBiUSP
  • DOI: 10.11606/t.43.2015.tde-07072015-112941

Point radiation defects in germanium

What is it about?

These defects, namely, group-V-impurity-vacancy complexes, play crucial role in degrading parameters of the germanium-based semiconductor devices (including detectors of the gamma-radiation) functioning in the conditions of irradiation by fast particles. These defects do not yield to studying by traditional methods of defects characterization such as EPR-, IR-spectroscopy and some others. We have applied the spectroscopy of the angular correlation of the electron-positron annihilation radiation (ACAR) and determined for the first time by the positron probing the configurational parameters of the abovementioned complexes in gamma-irradiated germanium.

Why is it important?

The knowledge of the configurational parameters of group-V-impurity-vacancy complexes (V=P, As, Sb, and Bi) is of paramount importance in determining the radiation resistance of the germanium-based devices of microelectronics and spintronics as well as in choosing the strategy in gettering and defect engineering in the semiconductor technology.


Dr. Nikolay Arutyunov
Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg

The approach developed is perspective one for non-contact/non-destructive way of the material characterisation/testing at the different stages of the technology of fabrication of the germanium-based devices.

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