A lei de Marsh do crescimento cerebral e a ideia de progresso biológico na evolução

Felipe Faria
  • Scientiae Studia, April 2018, Universidade de Sao Paulo Sistema Integrado de Bibliotecas - SIBiUSP
  • DOI: 10.11606/51678-31662017000200009

Marsh’s law of brain growth and the idea of biological progress in evolution

What is it about?

The use of an evolutionary law should be a function of its heuristic value in the composition of phylogenetic sequences. This was one of the characteristics of the law of brain growth proposed by O. C. Marsh (1831-1899), which often led to the conclusion that there is a tendency for bodily complexity to increase during the evolutionary process. Several criticisms were then made, often based on the impossibility that a trend could operate in the evolutionary process that had natural selection as its mechanism, which in turn is based on the proposal of random variation. Nevertheless, Marsh’s law remains being used due to its explanatory, and to a certain extent, predictive potential.

Why is it important?

Discuss the evolution of the idea of biolgical progress in the evolution process


Dr. Felipe Faria
Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Maranhão - campus Santa Inês

i hope this article increase the discussion of the idea of biological progress

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