Family of Bistable Attractors Contained in an Unstable Dissipative Switching System Associated to a SNLF

J. L. Echenausía-Monroy, J. H. García-López, R. Jaimes-Reátegui, D. López-Mancilla, G. Huerta-Cuellar
  • Complexity, October 2018, Hindawi Publishing Corporation
  • DOI: 10.1155/2018/6794791

Dynamical Systems Lasers Synchronization Multistability

What is it about?

A system can be considered as an UDS type I if their equilibrium points correspond to a hyperbolic-saddle-node, i.e., one eigenvalue is negative real (dissipative component) and the other two are complex conjugated with positive real part (unstable and oscillatory component), where the sum of the components must be less than zero

Why is it important?

In recent years, the design and control of systems with multiple scrolls have been a subject of interest for the scientific community, having a great impact in their application, such as secure communication systems, neuronal modeling, and generation of pseudorandom systems


Rider Jaimes-Reategui
Universidad de Guadalajara

The potentialbtechnological applications, as in secure communication systems, neuronal systems, and control of electric motors with variable torque. The corresponding analogical implementation, in order to compare the presented results, is proposed as future work.

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