Walking with Neuropathic Pain: Paradoxical Shift from Burden to Support?

David J. Kopsky, Jan M. Keppel Hesselink, Roberto Casale
  • Case Reports in Medicine, January 2015, Hindawi Publishing Corporation
  • DOI: 10.1155/2015/764950

What is it about?

We compounded a topical baclofen 5% cream, and used the cream to counteract pain in this patient suffering from a partial spinal cord injury lesion . Although the pain lessened, the numbness underneath the pain became more evident, and patient complained about being less stable; apparently she 'walked' on her pain.

Why is it important?

Pain may serve as a sensory feedback mechanism to coordinate walking in a partial spinal cord injury lesion.


jan keppel hesselink
Institute Neuropathic Pain

This case stipulates professor Buytendijk’s concept: humans do not react to stimuli as defined by scientific physiology, but to the meaning which these stimuli have for the person. In this case Pain after a partial spinal cord injury lesion was preferred over painlessness and numbness because it enabled walking...

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