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This study related to drilling fluids with geothermal spring water. The rheolgy and performance of the fluids was investigated.

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Operators sometimes use a geothermal spring source which is close to the well site to prepare drilling mud. These waters are likely to affect the drilling fluid properties such as rheology, fluid loss, shale inhibition, and lubricity. It is signficant for the operators to provide water from the source closest to the well site, both economically and technically. Till date, although being used geothermal spring water to prepare drilling fluid, the effect of geothermal spring water have not been investigated by researchers. This study is the first study which analyzed the effect of geothermal spring water on drilling fluid performence in the literature.


In drilling operation, the importance of water which is used to prepare drilling mud is mostly neglected. This research reveal that the effect of water especially geothermal spring waters, which they are frequently used, on the drilling mud behavior.

Emine Avci
Iskenderun Teknik Universitesi

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This page is a summary of: The Rheology and Performance of Geothermal Spring Water-Based Drilling Fluids, Geofluids, May 2019, Hindawi Publishing Corporation,
DOI: 10.1155/2019/3786293.
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